An evocative post from one of my favourite bloggers, on the white blossoms that accompany her walk to school, made me realise to what extent my own school run this time of the year was a yellow affair. Bright splashes of flowering forsythia, kerria and mahonia, daffodils and dandelions punctuate the journey. My daughters love their school much more than I ever did mine; they don’t need the cheer as much. In my daily routine, though, the sunny, positive energy that these plants emit, is a real treasure.

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3 thoughts on “A short yellow journey

  1. Thank you Katya for the post and the link ! Your yellow walk is very cheerful indeed ! Dandelions are just starting here in Canterbury but my daughter is already busy vandalising them to make flower chains in spite of my plea for bees (I know, they won’t miss 10 dandelion flowers but still). I am glad your daughters love their school, it makes the parents’ life easier as well ! 🙂

    1. It’s funny, my girls are exactly the same, they make these wreaths and I fret that the insects won’t have enough, I don’t let them do it. My argument is “well, if every little girl starts picking these flowers, there definitely won’t be any left for the poor bees, and we must lead by example, etc” but it’s also a shame to deprive these little girls of the fun – which I had in spades in my own childhood, before we started properly worrying about wildlife 🙂

      1. Yes, that is true… I keep telling her that she can make daisy chains in a few weeks, when there are thousands of them (and dandelions) around, but that at the moment flowers are still scarce and needed. But it is a bit sad to see their disappointed little faces, isn’t it…

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