Of a mixed Eastern European origin, I was born a “third culture kid” and since my early twenties have been an expat myself – studying and working in the US, UK and Netherlands. My two little daughters consider themselves Dutch and are fully at home in Holland where we live now. And after almost twenty years of never quite “here to stay”, I felt compelled to “put down roots”, too. I do it by planting bulbs – and by gardening in general. It is amazing how digging some soil makes us shed our “world citizenship” affiliation.

I love watching things grow – in my own garden as well as in the beautiful gardens I like to visit around Europe. And I am a newly-minted allotment owner! I started the blog as a way of keeping a journal of my experiences and holding myself accountable for actually putting stuff down “on paper”.  I would be happy if you feel inspired by what you read here.

This blog is also a way for me to “find my tribe”, a way of connecting with like-minded people around the world, those in love with writing and gardening. So, please let me know you are “out there” – do subscribe to the blog (your email address is completely safe, I will never share it anywhere) and engage with me through comments and/or the contact page.